Information about the various presentations that I've given, and the projects that I've been working on, can be found below.


I am interested in combining Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE) techniques with all aspects of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). As such, my PhD thesis developed an encoding of MDE models that is amenable to a wide range of SBSE techniques. At some point I will put up a page describing the representation, but in the mean time try reading one of my publications, my thesis seminar slides, or my thesis.

Since March 2013 I have been working as a Research Associate on the OSSMETER EU STREP project where I am developing a distributed NoSQL-based platform to apply metric analysis to large volumes of data (e.g. code, forum messages, bug reports) originating from open-source software projects.


Slides for various presentations can be found below:


Below are some of the projects that I have been/am involved in, both in my spare time and during my research.

Projects that I am currently working on (currently being updated.. slowly):

Projects that I am not currently working on (and are therefore likely to be out of date):

A bit of fun: